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By the Cabin, for the Cabin

Foster Brother’s live musical act is an Alt-Folk/Americana songwriting duo formed in Nome, Alaska by Scott and Ian Foster. 

A brotherhood forged on the beaches of the Bering Sea, their dynamic blend of harmony, storytelling, and boot stomping for all ages has appeared before national audiences ranging  from house concerts to festival crowds of 14,000 people. 

Their music appeals to ladies and lads alike. 

Lives Hard Lived

Ian met up with Scott on the beaches of the Bering Sea in 2009 with little more than dreams and a video camera; neither Foster knew what lay in store over the next decade. 

Living in a tent, a cabin, a shack, a lodge and a boat, along with the building, breaking, and rebuilding of equipment all gave them fodder for stories. Two years after arriving, Scott and Ian were put in front of a camera on Discovery's "Bering Sea Gold", and began the televised journey reminiscent of Queen's question, "is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" 

Mixed Martial Artists, gold divers, metal fabricators, singer-songwriters, Scott and Ian have put it all on the line in pursuit of a life hard-lived. When not on stage, they can be found building off-grid cabins, globe-trotting, or teaching boxing lessons in rehabilitation centers. 

Come for the music, leave with a purpose.

There are a lot of questions now-a-days. But the human experience is about stories and connectedness. Our purpose is to spread light, life and connection through real music. 


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